chamber music for strings  

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Lesser-known chamber music in print

These four documents are the work of Mr. Jan Hollanders of Zaandijk in Holland, who has generously made available his encyclopaedic knowledge of chamber music repertoire. Printed copies can be purchased from the Merton Music printed catalgue, but for website users we think it more useful to offer them in digital form for free download.

They cover roughly the same scope as Merton Music itself, in that they omit household-name composers, as well as baroque and earlier music and that of composers who survived beyond 1939, whose work is still in copyright. All publishers contactable by email were invited to check the accuracy of the lists, but as publications come and go daily, total up-to-the-minute accuracy is obviously unattainable.

A key to abbreviations and publishers' contact details will be found at the end of each of the documents. Click on the links below to open or save the Pdf files.

1. String quartets
2. String music other than quartets
3. Two or more strings with piano
4. Strings and wind, with or without piano

Merton Composers

This booklet, prepared by Theo Wyatt, gives brief biographical notes on some of the minor composers whose works are represented in Merton Music. It was formerly offered as a reward to customers who helped spread the word about Merton Music by distributing catalogues to friends. We have found no shortage of good will, and believing this mild bribery to be unflattering, we offer the booklet for free download.

It has not been added to in recent years, and a large proportion of the composers found in the catalogue are thus unrepresented. Click on the link to open or save.

Merton Composers